Providing effective pest control services to customers since 2007.

PREMIER PEST CONTROL is part of the GDL Group of Companies and has been providing effective pest control services to customers since 2007. We service a wide range of clients , including commercial, industrial and residential premises all around Malta and Gozo.


The importance and sensitivity of a pest infestation whether it is an insect or a rodent, is our primary concern. We strive to give a good and effective service by acting fast, using the right products targeting the pest, following up on the action taken, so as to control and eradicate the problem.


Since pests are highly adaptive creatures, we consistently research in new products and methods in conjunction with our international partners, to combat the pests. We are devoted to protecting the clients’ businesses and residences from a wide variety of pests including , Cocroaches, Ants, Termites, Flies, Mosquitoes, (including Tiger Mosquito), Wasps, Hornets, Mice and Rats.


We will therefore provide the right service programme appropriate to the risk posed whether it is a pest infestation, casual intrusion or by taking preventative measures. Our staff are well trained and most assigned to Level 2 British Pest Control Association.

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